The need for creating conscious relationships springs from realizing how much we have adapted to live in a very dysfunctional world where we have lost the connection to our true self and the depths of our heart. I normally differentiate between the desires of the ego that we believe express through the heart and the alignment with the soul which lies deep in our heart. The heart is the means by which all emotions go through. It is an amazing chamber that I suppose that it not only divides, physically, into 4 chambers but it very well can also 4 depths. It all depends on the outlook we can have and how to make sense of things to understand not only the physical but the energetic dimension of this organ. The deeper we go within the more in tune we are with our true nature. A conscious relation with the world starts with oneself. By practicing this kind of relationship with oneself it becomes easier to relate to others because we can understand the interactions with others and the world with greater depth. Here I offer 3 points of view from different traditions that I focus towards the same purpose. I hope this serves you to contemplate what you want in the different kind of relationships you have in your life. Thanks for sharing our message.