We need to retrieve the power we have given the system by becoming aware of the dysfunctionality we live in and recreate a new human through inner transformation. If we keep feeding this system we will empower the dysfunction, the power struggles, the wars, the greed and step away from what most of us want: peace, love, trust, respect, freedom, awareness and coherence. Just wishing a new world is not going to create it. We are so dependent on the present system that it has shaped the way we live, the way we behave and even what we believe about who we are. As the decades of this new century come to pass we are definitively awakening more and more to the acknowledgment that the reality we live in is not fulfilling the majority and that it is possible to change and create something new. All we need now is to change our ways, our thoughts and priorities. We even need to change the idea of abundance to sufficiency because our desire for abundance is simply destroying the Planet and, therefore, ourselves. We have adapted so much to the belief system created by and for this pyramidal structure that has made a monster of inequality and which makes us feel powerless. This simply doesn’t work any longer. It is time for a real change and it starts with oneself. More insights in this video. Please, share it with others and leave your comments below. Thank you.