As much as many don’t want to think that we are different, well, we are. If we think in terms of energy and how different vibrations take different forms, then, we can think of the vibrational level of what makes us different, mainly our sexual organs. That has to have an impact on many levels of our human experience. These differences impact our thoughts and emotions as well as our behavior. Women tend to be nurturers, more emotional and free to express what they feel. Men are more physically oriented and less emotional not only because societal standards tend to castrate men´s emotions but because they are programmed to be providers, therefore, stronger in every way. This is not the rule but the tendency. Things go hand in hand with energy awareness and the openness to infinite possibilities. Once we become more conscious we learn to choose what to do, how and who to be. We can overcome the conditioning if we learn to see inside and set our true being free.

Then, we also need to understand that real detachment vibrates at a very high level of consciousness as does unconditional love. There is a lot of confusion about true love and/or unconditional love. We seek true love from our human perspective which is a form of ego love that desires belonging and emotional attachment. With unconditional love there is no belonging, there is no fear, there is no need for attachment, therefore, detachment is a fact, because this love is based on the root of life in the Universe, it is the power behind our true spiritual nature. We might understand this intellectually yet only when we experience this dimension of love will we understand what it encompasses.

Here I share some information from a survey I made about how men and women feel about detachment and some other insights. Thanks for watching, caring and sharing.