Yes, Twin Flame encounter is like no other and it is understandable that we want to hold on to this relationship since it moves us and touches us so deeply. We can become obsessed with it and make us believe that this is what we have been looking for in love. Well, as far as love is concerned, if we have not awaken to unconditional love through any other spiritual means, then, this relationship will certainly teach us what it is. It is so powerful that stimulates the Kundalini energy. Kundalini moves in us so we can open up to higher realms of existence. And if we put the pieces of the puzzle together we will understand that Twin Flames meet to helps us break down the beliefs and ideas we have about life and ourselves. We have co-created a reality based mainly on the realm of ego. We live in consumism, external world, disconnected from our spiritual essence and nature as well. Now, that we are in a new age, at least in the transition, we need to awaken from that illusion and tear down all the inner structures that have supported this way of living in the world. Since we, humans, do not change easily and love our habits and routines, we need some sort of shock or stimuli to get moving. Twin Flames make us work so we can overcome the suffering and anxiety of not having what we want and as we want it.

Once we have had the experience of unconditional love, we need to anchor its teachings and process the gift we receive from this encounter. If we get to the point of understanding that we are one, the anxiety and suffering fade away. We can carry on with life, hopefully, manifesting the lessons and new consciousness as possible.

In this video I share more insights about it. Thanks for reading, watching and sharing.