warIt is amazing how unaware we are of how the ego governs our world. We look into the chaos created by wars, limited religious beliefs, discrimination, deaths of innocent children and people and we feel that there is something very wrong with the power systems, there is something very wrong with this world we have created. Yet we forget that all of that is co-created with our own prejudice, our frustration, rage, inconformity and personal needs. We see things separated from us. We do not feel responsible for those wars and unfairness and though it seems so far from us, we continue to feed these systems, we depend on them and we continue to feed the system without any responsibility for its consequences. A guilt trip won’t serve us much, instead, we need a profound personal change to start with.

egoHow do we go about this change? After all, if we depend on the system it will be rather hard to get out of it. It is important to start with small steps by concentrating on ourselves. We need to recognize how the ego works, how it manipulates, what resources it uses. The journey starts by looking inside and becoming an observer. In order to pin down the ego we need to see it while it works through us. As long as we cannot control its impulses, it will reflect back how much it controls us. Yes, the ego is part of our human nature but it is not who we truly are and for that we need to learn how to disidentify from it. The observer can help us with that. When we observe ourselves from the non-judgmental inner eye we can remain as the observer while we watch our behavior. We need to develop this amazing tool. We all have it but many don’t have the connection to it because their attention is trained to be focused elsewhere, normally outside of oneself. This observer will help us along the way by reflecting back to us what we are ready to see and change. The changing refers mainly to the capacity we develop, with time, to “control” our ego impulses that, by itself, will make us see life in a different way and we will behave accordingly. The ego basically works in and through our 3rd dimension existence, therefore, it is the engine of our thoughts, feelings and behavior. Our transcendental self is connected to our lower or ego self but, in most people, that connection is not distinguished or recognized. As long as the ego is the stronger identification we hold, the higher self or spiritual identity will be weak. We need to turn that around in order to change this world. That happens when we allow the ego to weaken its power with the self-training we undergo when ready.

ego2Meditation or any sort of contemplation is of great help to develop the observer in us. Once we have turned on the observer, it is important not to stop our “natural” behavior. You need to do as you normally do, yet, the difference now is that you are observing yourself. Then you need to give yourself some time to reflect on your behavior and how you felt about it and how it impacted others. After you do that for a long period of time you will start to get stronger in how you would like to react to certain patterns of behavior. Some habits of thought or feelings can take a whole lifetime to change, but, the more you work with your self-observation, the more you are able to see things that can support you on your transformation process.  You might notice the same behavior for many years before you can find a way to change it. Behind the observation there is a lot of inner work to do, fears to face, wounds to heal, experiences that involve forgiveness and letting go. That is why some things can take years before they align with a higher perspective. It is all ok. This work helps us resolve our karma. You see, the way we think and feel is not only something we learned but it is also that goes hand in hand with our karma and level of consciousness. Everything is a vibration that emits its energy and attracts things. Our thought patterns attract what happens to us at many levels, including our illnesses. They teach us about what we need to resolve and many times are the way to transformation. Anyway, let’s remember that the world is not going to change in one generation yet all the work we do with ourselves sets a direction for change and new generations will come with a basis that allows them to continue.

Finland_school1Just recently I read some news about the education in Finland in which was stated that they have changed from learning by subject to learning by topic. Do you have an idea how many decades we have lived under the same style of education at school and college where we learned by subject? Well, it is probably way beyond what we can recall and the consequences of that style of learning have been felt. It has very little chance for creativity, self-esteem, and equality. Changing the system is not easy yet it is what we need. We have based our existence on unworthy value systems where having more is better. All the consumerism we live by is a consequence of a quite obsolete system yet we like it so much that most people don’t want to let it go. This attachment to the system is the cause of so much suffering in this world that it is worth looking at it with new eyes. We have created the habit, changing it require awareness and consciousness. Awareness is knowing about it, consciousness is when you can do and undo as you please with that something, you are in control.

In this video I leave you with more information about how the ego works and things you can do.

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