In the last couple of years, the concept and experiences of Twin Flames has picked up in attention. Among all the things happening on the Planet, the changes, the awakenings, the movement of energy, the planetary birth to new possibilities out of the comfort zone of conditioned societies, we are experiencing also deep connections with mystical relevance that can fit in the ideal category of Twin Flames. After all, in spite of it being an essentially spiritual relationship, we are experiencing this from our divided, dual, third dimension reality, therefore, we need to fit things into categories in order to have a rational understanding of our lives. This is ok. That is why in the “Twin Flame World” people talk about the “runner-chaser”, the “divine masculine and divine feminine” among other categories.  The little problem with this is that most people are remaining stuck in “categories” instead of working on themselves to go beyond the 3D, ego based world where the true purpose of TF meetings awaits to be understood.

Twin Flames meet on the physical plane during important evolutionary transitions to shake our beliefs and ideas of who we are to the ground. That is necessary if we want to discover the truth that lies in other dimensions of consciousness. That is why, the TF journey is not only about self-discovery but about discovery of oneness, of our multidimensionality, of unconditional love, of the no-fear zone, of our spiritual essence and so much more.

Now, why would we need to shake our beliefs to the ground? I will explain with an example: each era is governed by collective patterns that shape it. Can you imagine how people related to each other and the world when it was believed that the Earth was flat back in the middle ages? Remember how Copernicus and Galileo were treated for saying that we live in an heliocentric world, not a geocentric one? Though it might seem not too important, believing that we were the center of our galaxy had a very strong impact on the idiosyncrasy of that time. That was the reality upon which a “truth” was propagated.  When the fact was globally proven many things changed in the perception of ourselves as humans. In the same way we hold apparent “truths” about our reality that can be very far from the essential “truth”. Beliefs that stem from social and cultural conditioning make us live based on the contents of those beliefs. How about if we suddenly realize that there is no God like the religions have made us come to believe? It could be devastating for so many!!! Yet, if that is the case, we would need to process the discovery and create new realities based on that discovery. We are collectively conditioned to sustain the kind of reality we live in and our identities respond and interact with that collective conditioning. We believe this and that about ourselves in a world that has castrated the relationship with the inner self. All is based on our 5 senses and what we see outside ourselves. We might have different personality traits but still we respond to the collective energy to cultivate our reality.

This big time transition that we are involved in is a consequence of things like the movement of cosmic energy, the movement of planets that interact with that cosmic energy that impacts our consciousness in so many ways. All the worldly social movements that we have seen in the past decades are a consequence of that dynamic between us and the cosmos. We have a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of that cosmic energy and use it to wake up.

Regarding meeting the TF during this transition, it is simply natural for those who have contracted the deal with their TF since it is the only being that can touch us so deep as to have us face our deepest wounds and all that is hidden from our conscious self. These connections awaken our mystical, spiritual being to help us realize there is so much more than the reality we have co-created. In order to pass to higher dimensions we need to be more acquainted with those dimensions of consciousness in spite of still being in the 3D reality. The way those dimensions work needs to become more familiar to us if we are going to hold ourselves at those levels of awareness so we can base our reality in new conscious territories.

I have seen so many people get stuck in their ego desires to re-create a partnership with our TF that we believe is going to make us happy ever after. We are failing to understand what is an essential spiritual relationship. Of course we can become a couple with our TF, but that is the least of priorities of what TF energy can do. We need to awaken to our spiritual selves, we need to discover the essence of unconditional love and the things I already mentioned above. If, at the end of that journey we end up being together in the physical with our TF, well, that is wonderful, yet we need to remember that we are always one, whether we are together or not in the physical dimension. So, if possible, use your TF experience to discover self and beyond. It is a unique opportunity that wont happen again around the corner.