If there is anything I would like to repeat about the journey is that we need to realize how our behavior has been conditioned. We think we are something that we truly are not. We all talk about us being light, being spirit, yet we just talk about it. Most people don´t really know what that means. The way we live, the way we relate, the way we think, the way we feel are all very far away from the fact that we are light. Therefore, we need to become conscious of this, or at least aware, so we can have the stimuli to go on a search…. the search for truth. What we feel deep inside and how we carry on with our lives, normally and for most of us, has a great gap between them. One important purpose is to create a bridge between those extremes, align them or consciously connect the two so we can function according to who we truly are. Along the way we will think that what we perceive is the ultimate truth and later we find out we were wrong. Well, that is part of the process while we purify our perceptions and align them with the higher realms. So, lets be gentle with ourselves on the way. Discovering unconditional love may very well be the first step on the journey to realizing that light that we proclaim we are. Have a vivacious journey.