Life happens one day at a time. I have constantly reminded myself of living strongly each intense moment because, whether it is a high or a low, it will pass. The week of the inner peace of unconditional love was so amazing and I clearly felt the timing was running up so I was stimulated to do a recording for the blog in spanish as well. The clarity, the inspiration, the experience had a purpose and I was glad to share it. Yet, after that things got shaken again by doubt and the unexplainable. Affected by the corruption in the world, the politics and politicians, the money mafias and the way they lie when we know they are lying gave a very sad outlook on humanity. We are in an urgent need for change or the wheel of karma will take its toll. I strongly believe that the encounter of the so called twin flames is a major help we are getting in order to create a new world. It is not the only source of change but this one really make us work internally in the so many beliefs and attitudes the modern world has developed to make up its reality. In this video I share the sadness of going in a new downhill and the need to look inside for strength and clarity. Hope it resonates with you and helps to find the ways to the inner world. Thanks for caring and sharing with others.