Decades ago I was given a task that just now it is becoming clear how difficult it can be for a regular human being to widen its horizons to reach as deep as we can go inside ourselves. Control is a word that has many interpretations and it can move many things on people. Yet, really going to the depth of the concept is something we can grasp when we undergo a training that helps us understand its importance. Most of us live our lives as the world offers. We are not hermits or live in secluded places for inner training, so life is our growth field and we need to figure things out by ourselves, though we can get some guidance. Well, even if we receive guidance from a wise being, we still need to figure the understanding on our own. So, taming ourselves is a great challenge but one that will help us understand who we truly are. Here I share another piece of the process as it happens to me with the hope that it brings some light to your path. Thanks for reading, watching and sharing our messages.