At the soul level we can have different types of connection with others. There are certain traits that can make a connection more a karmic relationship rather than a soul mate relationship. When we do not resolve pending matters with someone it becomes a karmic relationship and we recreate what was not resolved so that we can deal with it and learn the biggest lesson of karmic relationships which is forgiveness. We also come across a kind of soul connection that I call “In Tune” soul connection which is not quite a soul mate relationship to the extent that we normally understand. In this kind of “In Tune” soul relationships we encounter people that resonate with our life’s purpose, our work mission and we support each other to fulfill that mission. This kind of relationships can develop into stronger inner connections but rarely do they hold the same strenght as the soul mate relationship. Soul mate relationships defenitively come from past lives, that is why we are able to feel that familiar sensation of someones presence. These souls meet with each other as a bridge between heaven and earth, between the spiritual dimensions and the earthly, dualistic realm. With soul mates we resonate at the spiritual and the physical realms. Whereas with the twin flame we resonate totally at the spiritual realm. As long as we do not integrate ourselves with the spiritual dimension of our being, in a conscious way, and are able to bring that awareness to the manifested level, we will struggle very much with the twin flame. Most people want to have the twin flame relationship from the perspective of the ego needs, the human ways, and that is why it is such a difficult relationship to fully embrace. Soul mates are very important because it is a more harmonious relationship and can help us work more on the spiritual dimension so we can discover more of who we truly are. Here I share an insight that came through an experience that made me doubt whether what I had before was a twin flame experience or not. Please, share this post and video if it resonates with you and if you find it helpful. Appreciate your support.