The TF community, all over the world, has used certain terms that are used to refer to the experiences that most people are having, and the labels used limit and condition our experience, especially if we adopt them without inner contemplation.  Given that we are facing these awkward connections from beliefs that we have learned about relationships, we must go through an amazing process of transformation to understand this connection from a higher perspective.

I will focus on some of the labels that impact the process at the psychological level:

False Twin: many write about their false twin because they have been deceived and feel the person they thought of as a TF is not fulfilling their idea of TF. Well, the truth is that there are no false twins, just false perceptions, and it’s alright, what we need to understand is that our senses are not purified enough to connect with what is. We are so disconnected from our spiritual dimensions (and I am generalizing and referring to the collective) that we cannot access inside with clarity. Our perceptions are conditioned and if we don’t tap into our inner experience with greater clarity, we will not only depend on external feedback but will not search inwardly. We must unlearn what we have learned (as Master Yoda and many wise teachers taught). We need to unload, transform, or let go our programming to see through new lenses. If we understand that we are ascending in our consciousness, we will start realizing where we stand in the relationship to our inner selves and from there open and grow. All that happens in our life can be used towards our own awakening, it just depends on how you face and apply what happens to you. Do you prefer to stay in the traditional way of dealing with problems or are you ready to find new ways that help you expand your mental horizons?

Divine Feminine/Masculine: this is another label that is frequently used. First, we need to ask ourselves if we are clear with what “divine” means. Ok, we have been told that we are all essentially divine beings, and we accept that notion that has been passed on, but what does it really mean? What is divinity? Can we contemplate this and access our true divine nature before using these labels? How can we know our mind is not playing wisdom tricks on us? If we repeat what we have heard, obviously it is not coming from our own process and, therefore, we lack the inner clarity to understand it. If someone has reached their divine nature, I would imagine that they would not even use the terms, they would just be. If we use the terms trying to connect with the divine nature in ourselves and our twin but from personal expectations, then we will fail in realizing the subtle energies that interact and bring lessons and information. Tapping into the energy frequencies and understanding what they emanate requires that we learn a new way of interacting and knowing. So, what good does it do to use passed on terms that we have not realized inside ourselves? What I have noticed is that people used them so lightly with no real awareness. For instance, they refer to the DM or DF and mention situations that relate to the personal desires such as: my DF left me for another, or my DM doesn’t want to talk to me. Most of the posts I have read when using those terms are not referring to the higher dimensions of the connection but to the mundane needs and desires. Our divinity resides in a level of consciousness beyond duality. What happens when we use the terms without clarity? There are 2 levels of the impact of words: the conscious level and the unconscious level. If we understand that words create beliefs and direct our attention in a certain direction, when we use them consciously, they are powerful and become decrees. If we use them with no real connection to their meaning we float with no grounding and our attention can be misguided.

One concept that floats in most people’s minds without direct experience is that of God. We inherit an idea that has been passed on by religion and we don’t even question its source. Many relate Jesus to God, and people project an image of a beard man as God. Yet, if we do not understand the matrix of the Multiverse, if we barely understand beyond our earthly life, how can we pretend to understand a God that we have created for whatever human need we have? The Buddha did something extraordinary when he abandoned every belief and decided to find the answers within, therefore, attaining enlightenment and basing the teachings on compassion, love and working to understand our mind instead of endorsing our problems to a divine entity and taking our responsibility from our own creation.

Union: as mentioned before, this is essentially a spiritual relationship. I believe this is relatively clear for most, so we need to delve in the realm of spirit to understand what implies. It is understandable that we relate to these experiences from our personal self, that is what we are familiar with, yet we cannot bring the personal perspective into the spiritual realm because they are not similar at all. At the personal level we live in separateness, and we yearn for a physical union which is not either good or bad. It responds to that longing to be one whether we are conscious of it or not. Nonetheless, we are never one at the physical because we are always separate, we are 2. The intuitive oneness that we seek happens at the spiritual dimensions and we can reach that when our consciousness opens to those dimensions. The feeling is so far beyond anything we can imagine and helps heal the anxiety of separation as well as the desire for physical union. Obviously, our understanding goes along with our process of awakening. I have explained as best I can this process of union in the book Twin Flames, a journey towards unconditional love. All I can do is help the attention focus in the best direction possible by giving the rational mind certain tips, yet until each one of us has the experience of oneness at the spirit level, we wont understand what it feels like, nor what it means.

Runner/chaser: I have noticed that it seems the TF community wants to own this concept of runner/chaser, and this happens in any relationship where fear is involved. It could be parent-child, friends, lovers, or any relationship. If we focus in understanding why this happens in the TF connection, we can learn about focusing on our own inner process and work with the emotional and psychological patterns that make us desire a reciprocal personal relationship. There are important, unconscious reasons why TF meetings are difficult. Once they become conscious the pain eases and we can embrace this connection from higher perspective. It stimulates a great awakening process that we all have access to. It just depends on what we choose to do with what happens.

Twin Flames don´t hurt you: this is a good one and depends on the perspective we have about it. I can say that this connection has been the one that made me cry blood tears of how painful it was. Nonetheless, that process was necessary for me to really learn how to look inside and open to spiritual dimensions. My TF hurt me at the personal-ego level so that I can learn how to let go, but mostly, how to look inside. The soul level was always perfect, and the personal level was always chaotic and hurtful. What glued me to this connection was the perfection of the soul dynamics because at the personal level I wished he was totally disconnected from my life. Why hurts? Our TF meets us to touch in the deepest corners of our being, the corners we have repressed emotional wounds and the repression of our light as well. So, touching those places hurts, inevitably, and it happens so we can heal ourselves. We can be thankful for that because no one can reach so deep as they do. If we are in a relationship where there is no hurt, we might be confusing with a soulmate. Let’s remember that in this historical period we meet to change, to transform the belief systems that have co-created the reality we know. This global reality is so full of crisis that it is being displayed in our noses so that we can see how unhealthy and dysfunctional these realities are. It is time to create a new platform, based on truer spiritual values. That is why we are being drawn to awaken spiritually. The time has come.

I hope that these reflections are helpful and inspire you to open up to the sky with the feet on the ground. Please visit our youtube channel. We have videos in spanish and english.