flamingoLast night I watched The Crimson Wing, a Disney documentary about the Flamingos in Tanzania and as I watched I wondered about what it is to be who we are in our true nature. I saw them mating, hatching, growing, moving, flying and asked myself how do they know when to go here or there, when to mate and where. We can say it is all instinct but then, where does instinct come from and how does it work? We might know it from our buried ancestral memories yet modern average humans are so focused on their ego governance that we have lost touch with our natural relationship to the environment and the perception of the energy that surrounds us. Those birds don’t  seem to have a thought process, they don’t need to think to be what they are and they fulfill all that it is in their nature. So, how about us? What is the importance of finding our true nature? What does it mean to be who we are? Most of us would think that to be who we are can be defined by the aspects of our personality. We are so identified with what we think we are that it is difficult to see past that. Maybe, after years of inner work or the ability to find silence or inner stillness we, suddenly, start perceiving ourselves differently yet, as much as we can feel we are light beings, that we are empty and in an inner peaceful state, how much of that do we actually manifest in our daily lives?

yoda1Many people that have meditated or have done inner work have connected to that feeling of knowing that our true nature is rather subtle and we perceive it as an inner light. Then why can’t we be like the Flamingos and just be that? How does the light manifest in matter? Why would manifesting spirit in matter have any importance? What do we need to do to, actually, integrate ourselves with spirit and become our true nature in everyday life? Is it really possible? Today, at the weekly group meditation, we focused on this subject and contemplated our true nature. Difficult to see, as Yoda would say. Not all saw the light, especially when suggested to define true nature, because when guided we tend to follow without questioning and look for what is being suggested instead of questioning ourselves about the issue. Yet, actually, our true nature cannot be defined, it can only be experienced.  Words can define and are related more to the rational mind. We can do a great job by putting words to abstract experiences in order to communicate with others yet those words will still be perceived in different ways by different people.

If our true nature comes through as inner light, what happened as we incarnated? In this effort to reach the rational mind I will share what I have experienced so far and the purpose is to open up possibilities for others to resonate with the information and focus the attention in another direction to give it a try until your own answers can be found.

yinyangFor the longest time I had a confusion about soul and spirit. I thought they were the same. Many decades this idea haunted me until, one day, in meditation, I felt that there was indeed a difference. Spirit is beyond duality and the soul is not. Soul is the first expression of the non-dual spirit moving towards the physical world.  From the Tao (Spirit) the Tai Chi is born (yin and yang, first expression of soul into matter and the first experience of duality). That is why we are so attracted to soul mate experiences and/or twin flames. From the subtle, high vibration of spirit, we start lowering vibration and consciousness to manifest the dense material world. In our imprint we have the codes to remember who we are and where we came from yet are quite hidden for most people because to access them we need to go inside. As I once read: “The only way out is in.”  Now, if we acknowledge that it is important to manifest our true nature, and that it is the light or spirit, then, we twin flames 22need to focus in raising our vibration until we fuse with spirit. Would that make sense? Most people nowadays have heard and believe that we are spirit having  physical experience but, what is the use of knowing that if we are unable to manifest it? The range of people’s consciousness may go from total darkness or disconnection from their true nature to total awareness that this nature is spirit, yet, for the more aware, knowing it is not enough. We need to become that.

In order for spirit and matter to be aligned we need to prepare ourselves. This process involves doing inner work to raise vibration so that we can actually hold the higher frequencies of spirit in our physical bodies. We do that by bringing light to our consciousness through discernment, careful observation of our inner process and opening up to broader horizons. Now, how do we go about that preparation? Becoming aware of how we do things, observing and recognizing our patterns and habits, questioning our beliefs and emotions. We need to dissect ourselves if we ever want to realize who we truly are. Let’s remember that we are a result of the conditioning we have received. We have been trained to be who we think we are and it seems natural to us but it really isn’t. There are moments when we feel unsatisfied, lost, depressed, disoriented, chakra alignuncertain and we don´t know who we truly are. That should be taken seriously as a sign that there is more to us than what we think. If we were in total contact with our true nature we would feel fulfilled all the time, without questioning, even if we felt pain or sorrow for some experiences. But that is not the case for most people. As a matter of fact, most people are doing things that are not fulfilling them, mainly holding jobs for survival and money and not for satisfaction. Obviously, it is not the case for everyone but for a great deal of people it is. So, we have an existential crisis and just then we start questioning who we are and why we are here. Crisis can be very good because they are real opportunities for us to break through. The idea of embracing this process of awakening is that, by facing our conditioning, we open up to new horizons of existence, new possibilities of manifesting ourselves that are joyful and satisfactory. We can take happiness as a sign that we are aligning with something that is true for us. I refer here more to the kind of happiness that is generated from the inside by the relationship with that inner self more than a happiness that is stimulated by someone or something from the outside. I will address those differences in another article. For now, I just want to bring your attention to the importance of realizing what is our true nature and why it is important to become who we are.

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