Suddenly we encounter very intense connection with someone in our lives and we don´t quite know what is going on and what to make of it. Many have heard of Twin Flame stories and believe theirs could be another case. It can certainly be, and it cannot be a Twin Flame but rather a very intense relationship. So, how do we go about identifying a Twin Flame relationship? Well, to start with we need to understand that this is not at the level of soul-mates but rather higher. We need to remember how we were created and that is only possible for enlightened beings. So, what do we do? How can we understand what is going on? Well, we need to be very present, living in the now, as we go through such experience. I can share what has been given to me by the inner process of experiencing and awakening to something that I could never understand just through my rational mind.

As I recapitulate what happened, I am quite clear that Twin Flames appear in our lives to help us break down the false identity we carry through life. Their sole purpose is to awaken unconditional love and helps is dig into other dimensions of our existence. That kind of love is the source of creation and we have forgotten due to the kind of life and systems that we have created that divided us into inner and outer realms. So, obviously, this is not going to be an easy ride for all of us wrapped up in our egos and what the ego identity believes.

In this video I go deeper into the understanding of our process and how the doubting that comes along can help us search for a deeper truth within.

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