7 years have passed where I had no way of blocking or disconnecting from my Twin Flame. The power of the spiritual connection was so strong and present that we would come and go in the relationship without putting a real end to it, at least at the personal level. I mentioned, in one of the chapters, that exactly one year ago I met someone that felt quite familiar as if I recognized him from past lives. The connection was so fluent and peaceful because we are resonating in similar paths and belief systems and it came as a breeze because he was just passing by. We kept in contact but my main focus was still the Twin Flame relationship until the connection vanished from one day to another.  I don’t know what caused the disconnection, all I know is that it happened. It was telling me that I was free to go. I didn’t accept easily that gift so I received a little help with what I shared in Exploding into Oblivion. That definitively helped me to put an end to this. As soon as it was over, this soul mate started appearing more consistently and we started to get closer. It felt great, he brought me joy. How do souls know when to stop? How do they know when to kick in? That still feels quite magical! I have noticed that relating at a distance supports the spiritual dimension of the relationship whereas the physical interaction moves in another pace because it is a game of egos, fears, of getting to know how we conduct ourselves as a person. Even if we know each other as souls and we have recognized each other as such, the personal realm is something that is new and needs time to develop trust. We both can feel the conspiracy of the souls but the challenge is on how to manage the physical interaction and not let the egos govern our exchange. Patience is the key and allowing to go with the natural flow instead of wanting to take it in the personal desire direction. Here I share a bit of how it feels this transition and new beginning. Thanks for watching and we invite you to subscribe to the blog as well as the youtube channel. Share the contents if you can.