supernovaThe end of the road has clearly appeared as this last chapter unfolded. It has called my attention that it all ends in chapter 21 and not chapter 20 as I thought. What has come to my mind is the last card of the major arcana in Tarot which is the Universe (#21). The title for this chapter came before this idea of the Universe and somehow it all relates. It feels like a supernova explosion and everything expanding all over, into oblivion. The journey has come to the end of the road in this lifetime. Uniting with the Twin Flame is optimal when both are able to be conscious of who they are and acknowledging the importance of the union. Each one of us has lessons to learn before it is all possible. I still believe that the soul I dealt with was my Twin Flame but if the road to wholeness is not ripe the union cannot happen. I am glad this is over. The video will reveal why. Thanks for watching, for caring and for sharing. My your Twin Flame journey be filled with love and wonderful lessons.