I have read so many posts about how passionate and sexual the Twin Flame relationship is for many and it still surprises me how little we understand and how easy it has been to mix and confuse Soul-Mates with TF. I will elaborate on this. First of all, I am not implying that there has to be no sex between TF’s. What has become clear is that sex is not necessary nor relevant when we awaken to the essential truth of TF’s. Though the sexual energy must be stirred in the process since it involves the movement of Kundalini Energy, if our attention remains on our 3D ego and bodily desires we will continue to be stuck in a part of the process that stimulates lower vibrations of consciousness.

When we meet our TF our energy field gets altered. If the Kundalini rising has not begun before, then it starts awakening when we encounter our TF either physically or energetically. It all starts with the first chakra (Muladhara) and the journey upwards can take years, decades or lifetimes as well. When we go through the second chakra (Svadhishthana) the sexual energy drives us nuts. How long that lasts depends on the individuals personal process. As the Kundalini moves upwards we gain insights and our awareness starts shifting to deeper truths. Obviously, while we remain in the human body and we keep attached somehow to our pleasures and desires, we will want to have sex, make love and feel wonderful orgasms. This is neither good nor bad, it is part of our human consciousness and condition. Now, as we grow in awareness and the Kundalini rising keeps offering us higher insights, we might reach a point of changes in our cellular vibration that helps us detach from our physical greed. We will discover if that is true once we go through the process and reach that level of awareness and understanding.

One thing that is very clear to me, and thanks to an inner experience that came in stages and reached its peak in a lucid dream, is that once we realize and assimilate what a Twin Flame is, we will not only experience the truth about unconditional love (which is not a feeling, per se, but a level of consciousness and/or awareness), but we will experience the union, the oneness we are looking for. Then, and only then, we will understand that unconditional love doesn’t know fear, is total freedom and total peace. We don´t have sexual desires because the experience of oneness happens beyond the physical, therefore, it is an experience in consciousness. We are so much ONE that there is no need to have, we do not experience separateness, our mind works as ONE, we communicate telepathically and we just KNOW. That stage of realization still experiences two separate souls but in one awareness. There is probably a next stage where we become part of a greater oneness and the sense of separate souls dissolves into the void, the nothingness that is all encompassing.

Most people are so stuck in the physical 3D ego experience of Twin Flames. It is just a stage that needs to be worked through. As much as we want closeness or oneness with our TF, once we realize we are one, there is no need to become a couple because we are not separate and we are free to experience this reality. Actually, even the Soul-Mate relationships are far better at the human dimension than the TF. So, bare in mind that what you might be seeking is a Soul-Mate, not the TF. Once you ask to meet your TF be open to be shaken to the ground, be prepared to destroy all the ego attachments because that is what TF’s do. The energy is so strong that no matter how distant they are physically from each other, the Kundalini awakens. This, by itself, can give you an idea that it is not an essentially physical relationship but rather an energetic-spiritual one. So, if you are involved in a TF relationship be ready for a terrific ride of transformation and mystical adventure. It all happens in the inner world and we want to make sense of it by bringing it to the physical. It can, but it is not necessary. Now, when the connection happens many focus on the other and not in ones unfolding process. We need to really use all that gets stirred in us for our own transformation because that is why this is happening. The other will unfold whenever it has to. It is fascinating to get to that point where we go beyond the self and start living from the oneness. It is a journey and a process to get there so have a wonderful ride and don’t judge badly all that suffering along the way, it purges us from our attachment to low level vibrations. We will cross the river and reach the other side once we do the work we need to do with ourselves. Let us meet there and continue the conversations.

Thanks for reading and I am grateful if you share this article with others.